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Total privacy, you can not see in or out at all, Solid White.Self adhesive, so no messy glue needed. Easy to install with basic tools.TOTAL LIGHT WHITEOUT - 100% PRIVACY WINDOW TINTING TINT FILM, sold per metreComprehensive fitting instructions provided with your order.Professional Quality as supplied to tint shops.

Total 100% Privacy WHITE Out Window Film This is a White Out window film it will help reduce heat and give 100% privacy. Once applied to the glass it will give a solid white finish. The film provides 24 hour privacy that stops anybody from looking through the glass on either side, day night or with a torch. This film is suitable for all types of flat glass windows. It can be used in the home or office it is the highest quality professional window film, fully self adhesive. Whatever quantity you order, it will be supplied to you in 1 continuous length The film, once fitted is totally resistant to moisture and condensation. It is also very durable and easy to clean. Easily fitted by using soapy water Easy to cut & trim to size Reduces Solar Heat Gives total privacy, 24hours a day. Reduces 99% of UV light, the main cause of fading Visible Light Transmission - 0% Glare Reduction - 100% Solar Absorption - 88% UV Transmission 1% Warranty 15 Years White Out Window film, is ideal for external facing windows, internal partitions, glass staircases, offices, bathrooms, shower screens etc. Great in a stock/Store room or photographic dark room, to stop prying eyes and eliminate light. * Full fitting instructions supplied with your order. * Professional quality - as used by professional window film fitting companies. * Non Fade, Easy DIY install, Self Adhesive Film, Easy to cut & trim to size * Allows no natural light through the film FITTING INSTRUCTIONS Tools: - knife - Spray bottle containing water with a few drops of washing up liquid (Slip Solution) Squeegee Method: 1) Thoroughly clean the window the film will be applied to. 2) Cut your film to size of the window, adding an extra 2cm to the width and height. 3) Remove the clear lining film from back of the window film and spray the adhesive back of the film, as well as your fingers, with the Slip Solution. Attach a piece of sticky tape to either side of the film at one corner and peel them apart.

Active Film Total Light Whiteout 100 Privacy Window Tinting Tint Film Window Film 5m x 76cm 30 FQMDWEUKR

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