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Frying pan 26cm Matera Ballarini Granitium in stone with Heat Indicator

? cm - 16

Granitium: extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 5 layers, (3 layers + 2 layers with mineral particles), for ultra intensive use. Resistant to metal utensils.

Induction Base: Aluminium-steel composite base suitable for all heat sources.

Forged body in food-safe: extra thick aluminium.

External finish: high temperature resistant, easy to clean.

Handle: steel handel ovenproof suitable for use in the oven to high temperatures.

Tested quality: Ballarini also has ongoing controls performed by respected international agencies such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany), and the Danish Institute (Denmark) to ensure that the company's non-stick coatings are completely suitable and safe for use with foodstuffs.

The high quality of the raw materials is evident in the strong, thick aluminium and the possibility of also using the utensils on induction hobs.The Granitium non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles and the rock-coloured external colouring are additional features highly appreciated by a well-informed public. The shiny steel grip is a detail that won't go unnoticed by consumers that also demand more from an aesthetic perspective.

Ballarini Frying Pan 26 Cm Matera Granitium Stone Heat Indicator SZCTUEXAP

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