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20 premium vacuum cleaner bags of our house brand5-layer microvlies incl. 4 engine protection filterwith plastic connection (NO simple paper)allergic friendly by high filtrationlong lasting and improved suction power - also for households with animals

20 premium vacuum cleaner bags compatible with Bosch BSA 2822 PRO Parquet

  • scope of supply:
    20 vacuum cleaner bags + 4 engine protection filters

  • High quality filter media with excellent technical characteristics
  • Our filters are used by many well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturers
  • allergic friendly by high filtration
  • 5 ply microvlies
  • with plastic connector (NO simple paper)
  • bags are lockable
  • engine-friendly
  • high quality level
  • no original * cleaning bag
  • certification by DIN ISO 9001
  • * All brand names, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are protected by copyright. They are used here only for the product description or the identification of the devices and / or device types. Errors and display errors reserved.

    20 Premium Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Bosch BSA 2822 PRO Parquet NTFZRLBFC

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