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Daniclean? DC20?Plain
Fleece Vacuum Cleaner Bags 20?L
These bags are made from high quality microfibre. The advantage compared to paper bags is due to:
Better filtering of fine dust
Cream whilst filled bags less absorbency loss cream
Heavy duty bags, tear-resistant
The exhaust air filters as you vacuuming Has Become making it clean
Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags for industrial vacuum cleaner with 20?litre capacity.
Suitable for:
PNTS 30/4
PNTS 30/6
PNTS 30/6?S
PNTS 30/7
PNTS 30/7?E
PNTS 30/8
PNTS 30/8?E
PNTS 30/9
PNTS 30/9?E
PNTS 1300
PNTS 1300?A1
PNTS 1300?BS
PNTS 1400
PNTS 1400?A1
PNTS 1500
PNTS 1500?A1
PNTS 1500?B2
And many other models.
Manufacturer Daniclean? not original manufacturer bags.

10 PNTS1400 Non-Woven Vacuum Dust Bags for Parkside PNTS 30 PNTS35 PNTS1300 PNTS1500 etc DUQAJAPGR

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