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Product description :  Material :Plastic shellVoltage : 220 VWattage : 800WRated frequency : 50HZRated capacity : 200ml  Size : Approx. 220* 110 *106mmWire length : Approx. 130cmColor : light purpleApplication : Suitable for ironing all kinds of clothing, steam face.  Feature :  -Rapid production high temperature and high pressure steam to achieve the effect of wrinkles  -It has the functions of sterilization, dust removal and odor removal  -Exquisite compact, easy to carry  -Double transparent water gage, water yield at a glance    Injection operation :  -Before water injection, please turn off the power switch and pull out the plug-Place the machine on the table and wait for cooling-Open the water cover, and water injection (When water injection, water yield do not exceed the maximum water line, or when use there will be water from the nozzle out) after injection screwing the water injection cap.  Use safety instructions :-When ironing, don' t not move up and down too fast, so as to avoid splashing hot water scald!  -To ensure the safety of steaming face, Distance between face and steam outlet is maintain at 20cm!  -After use, please pour the remaining water, to better extend the life of the product.  Package Includes :  1 x steam electric iron1 x static brush1 x hairbrush  Do not include instructions,   make sure you know how to use the machine before buying.  Note :We will deliver the adapter according to the receiving country.The machine requires a suitable voltage of 200VAC/50HZ, which can be damaged if used improperly.This machine should not be placed in the touch of childrenDo not use this machine, please turn off the power switch and unplug the plugThe machine is cooled for at least 30 minutes and the water is discharged before storagePlease do not put the machine in the flammable and the fire     

Bureze Household Steam Electric Iron Handheld Electric Steam Iron High Temperature and Pressure Steam NCFQFIRVF

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