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Releases 3 million/cm3 of negative ions, and precipitates PM2.5 fine particles in the air to effectively improve air quality, refresh the mind and purify the air.Purification and humidification are both correct. There is ultrasonic ion atomization technology, the water mist is finer and more uniform, and it can adsorb particles in the air and purify the air.Aromatherapy SPA function, a little plant essential oil dripping into the water, there will be a burst of fragrance, let people relax and relieve fatigue.High-density HEPA filtration, PM2.5 filtration efficiency of 99.9% HEPA filter layer, HEPA filter is currently the best filter, can filter 0.1-0.3 micron material filtration effect of 99.9%, fold up to 30 Folding, comprehensively increase the filtration area, effectively reduce wind resistance, improve filtration efficiency and increase filter life.Clean air not only requires efficient purification of the filter element, but also requires a circulating power system that allows clean air to reach every corner of the car.

Humidifies and revitalises the air.
Variable spray control for use in small to large rooms.
Automatic shut-off turns off machine when water runs out.
Virtually silent operation.

Libina Car Air Purifier 4W Negative Ion Humidifier Mini Aroma Diffuser Black Ultra Mute WWHEMDACU

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