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The carbon fiber red tube is heated, the brightness is 50% lower than the ordinary small solar energy, the dark light is hot, and the softness does not hurt the eyes. At the same time, it has the advantages of high thermal conversion rate, no drying, no odor, long service life and so on.The lattice reflector is used to make full use of the space, in order to more fully expand the reflection of the heated area, thereby achieving large-area heating.High-heat/low-heat two-speed adjustment, adjusted according to its own situation, this winter is no longer cold. There is also a 60-minute free timing function, and the shutdown time is up to you.The dense safety net cover has a high density to prevent the body parts from contacting the internal heating parts, causing burns and safe heating. The back vent hole is made of high-quality heat-resistant and wear-resistant material shell, which can dissipate heat evenly, and the fingers can not be inserted, safe and safe to warm.Adjust the 30° tilt angle manually and adjust it according to the actual scene. The characteristic lifting adjustment knob adjusts the height according to the specific situation, and the warmth is more intimate.

Product Name: Floor heating
color: White
Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz
Rated power: 500W / 1000W
Gear position: 2 files
Heating element: carbon fiber tube heating
Timing: 60 minutes
Power cord: about 1.3 meters
Applicable area: 21-30㎡
Plug: China plug, free configuration plug converter
Product Size:The diameter of net cover is about 410mm, the height is about 120-130cm.
Product weight: 5.0kg
Note: Product parameters may be incorrect. Please refer to the actual product.
1. In order to maintain a suitable body temperature in winter, the general temperature should be 17~19 °C, the children's room is 18~20 °C, and the bedroom is 14~16 °C.
2. When purchasing a heater, please select the appropriate model according to the application.
Daily maintenance:
1. Heat Dissipation: The heater should be placed as close as possible for air circulation and heat dissipation.
2. Cleaning: It is best to scrub with a soft cloth dampened with household detergent or soapy water. Do not use corrosive solvents to avoid damage and rust.
3. Collection: When electric heaters are not needed, they should be wiped clean, dried and stored in a dry place for future use.

IIWOJ Chicun Household Floor Lift Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Tube Speed Heat MHLRVUBMA

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