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Genuine Dimplex Electric Fire Brushless Fan Motor UnitFits Models: BBK20 (Series A - D), BBK20 (Series E), DNV20CH (Series A - C), DNV20AB (Series A - C), DNV20BL (Series A - C), DNV20BR (Series A - C), MFD20 (Series A), OKT20 (Series A), RDY20 (Series A - D), RDY20 (Series E), SCR20 (Series A), TAH20 (Series A), TAH20 (Series E), WMR20 (Series A), ALM20 (Series A), AUB20 (Series A), CAS600, CAS400NHLL, CAS400HLL, CAS600NH, RTOPCS20, RTOPW20,And Models: RTOPI20BR, RTOPI20CH, SVT20 (Series A), ALAMEDA (ALM20), BURBANK (BBK20), CASSETTE 400 HEAT LARGE LOGS (CAS400HLL), CASSETTE 400 NO HEAT LARGE LOG (CAS400NHLL), CASSETTE 600 HEAT (CAS600), CASSETTE 600 NO HEAT (CAS600NH), DANVILLE ANTIQUE BRASS (DNV20AB), DANVILLE BLACK (DNV20BL), DANVILLE BRASS (DNV20BR), DANVILLE CHROME (DNV20CH),And Models: MANSFIELD BRASS (MAN20B), MANSFIELD CHROME (MAN20CH), PEMBERLEY (PEM20), REDWAY (RDY20), OPTIMYST INSET BRASS (RTOPI20BR), RETAIL OPTIMYST INSET CHROME (RTOPI20CH), OPTIMYST WALL FIRE FSC (RTOPW20), SACRAMENTO (SCR20), SILVERTON OPTI-MYST FIRE (SVT20), TAHOE (TAH20), BURGATE (BRG20), MERIBEL (MRB20) and WHITMORE (WMR20).Genuine Replacement Part

Dimplex SF6028SL R Electric Fire Fan Motor Unit DC 24V NWTFBXJQD

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