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Helps stop damp, mould and condensationSmall and discreetWardrobes, drawers, cars, storage cupboards

Dehumidifier Bags for small, helps stop damp, mould, mildew and condensation These interior dehumidifier bags offer a quick and easy way to help remove damp and improve the air quality in your home, office or even in the car. The bags are specifically designed to accommodate items fresh, dry and protected from damp. The special crystals inside draw moisture and damp from the surrounding atmosphere trapping it inside the dehumidifier bags pack is. Where to use: Suitable for wardrobe internal drawers, interior cars Kitchen Cabinets. 3bags in each box in multiple boxes.

Dehumdifier Sachets 3 x 36g Sachets 3 Packs AITGZXTNW

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