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Each order contains a single (1) SIDE vermiculite fire brick suitable for a Clearview Vision 500 | Size 300 x 260 x 30 mmOur premium vermiculite boards are rated to 1100 degree Celsius.Glass ceramic from Schott Robax can withstand high short-term temperatures of up to 760 degree Celsius, as well as thermal shocks.Products manufactured and supplied by Stove Industry Supplies are equivalent replacement quality parts.Product image is for illustrative purposes only and can vary to suit your appliance.

"Clearview Vision 500" SIDE vermiculite fire brick is cut from premium vermiculite boards, which provide fire resistance, insulation and thermal stability making them ideal for wood burning stoves.

Clearview Vision 500 Side Vermiculite Fire Brick Beige FBS30300260 EDRYXPIRQ

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