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Designed for extra comfort for those sleeping with a CPAP MaskReduce pressure of mask on face.Supports neck to help against neck, shoulder and back painSleep Apneoa Mask Tube fits nicely in the cut out.Superior Putnam Foam for long lasting comfort.

The market leading Sleep Apneoa Mask Pillow for the ultimate comfort whilst sleeping using a CPAP machine. Its specially moulded and engineered shape is designed to reduce the mask pressure and the associated discomfort that comes with sleeping with a CPAP machine or indeed any other form of mask. Its ergonomic shape also helps with back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of the pillow having a superior amount of design features.The pillow comes with a custom fitting super soft velour cream cover, this highly sought after material gives the pillow that added feel of comfort and quality and is very popular with our customers. The pillow comes in three different sizes - the small is designed for very small people who are more comfortable on either no or a thin pillow, the medium is for people of an average build who would be comfortable on one pillow and the large is designed for broader people who are more comfortable on two pillows.

CPAP Continious Positive Air Pressure Pillow LARGE JQIZKXGYS

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