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CareforAir Essences are water based fragrances that are added to the water bowl of any air purifier, humidifier, revitaliser and ionizer.CareforAir Essences are water based fragrance oils perfect for your kitchen, living area, hall and bedrooms, It neutralises unpleasant odours left by cooking, smoking and other daily activities and replaces it with a wonderful smell depending on the type of essence you have.Sweet Orange scent helps you to feel motivated, engerised and inspired. It also helps if you want to just relax at homeUsing the CareforAir Essence is easy. Just add 2-3 drops into the water container of your Air Purifier and enjoy.Careforair essences are Natural, Non toxic, Non flammable, Non-corrosive, 100% Biodegradable, Environmental Friendly

The CareforAir Sweet Orange Essence is a water soluble essence that can be used in any water based Air Purifier/Humidifier/Revitaliser. If you haven't got one already please check out the CareforAir Rainbow Breezer available for sale on .

The CareforAir Rainbow Breezer along with the Sweet Orange Essence magically washes your air and gives it a wonderful citrusy scent that everyone loves!

Did you know that
The scent of Orange has the ability to lift your mood.
Can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.
Orange is a natural sedative that helps you relax.
Oranges have been known to lower high blood pressure by just sniffing the scent.
Oranges are full of Vitamin C so great for preventing colds.

Good News!!!
Now you can bring that Mediterranean feeling into your home.
Feel motivated, engerised and inspired.
Be reminded of happy moments and pleasant thoughts.
Relaxing has never been easier.

Just use a few drops of the CareforAir Orange Essence and enjoy that wonderful relaxing moment you've been longing for!
Your kids will love this too and will benefit from all the effects!

Each 200ml bottle will last approximately 60-90 days depending on usage and frequency of use.

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